Multidisciplinary Lung Cancer Conference 2019
1 – 2 March 2019
Mandarin Orchard Hotel, Singapore




Be it the bus, Mass Rapid Transit (MRT) or taxi cabs, getting around Singapore is a breeze.

Mass Rapid Transit (MRT)
*Dotted Lines –Still in Construction
Clean and efficient, the Mass Rapid Transit (MRT) is a fast and popular mode of public transport to get around Singapore! Do note that some of the train lines (shown by dotted lines) are still in construction, so be careful when planning your journey! With the continual addition of railway lines, Singapore’s Mass Rapid Transit system is dynamic and ever-improving! Clean and efficient, this mode of travel is undoubtedly one of the more popular ones in Singapore!

When it comes to convenience, Taxis certainly cannot be left out! To avoid facing a lack of Taxis when one wants to take one, many people have taken to download the app ‘GrabTaxi’. The app automatically detects your current location and estimated fare for your given destination is provided. Not only will a driver be assigned to you immediately, the estimated waiting time will be given as well –grabbing taxis has reached a whole new level!

A leading bus and rail operator in Singapore, SBS Transit carries more than three million passengers and has over 200 bus services to many parts of the island! Click here for more details on catching buses in Singapore. It even includes a journey planner which helps you to plan your route!

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